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Using the ODDFPRICE Function in Excel http://excelmooc.com/using-the-oddfprice-function-in-excel/ Create Excel UserForms For Data Entry In 6 Easy Steps: Tutorial And Practical Example https://powerspreadsheets.com/create-excel-userforms/ What is Break-Even Point (BEP)? https://exceldatapro.com/break-even-point/ How to Use Excel Wildcard Characters in Formulas http://excelitch.com/how-to-use-excel-wildcard-characters-in-formulas/ See New and Exciting Excel Content at: https://dhexcel1.wordpress.com/

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Website Data to Excel

One of the commonest tasks that we accounting professionals are required to undertake frequently is getting information from a website into excel. Here is a video that explains the basic concepts quite succinctly.

However, I will still like to explain the basic and fundamentals of the same here. in my own words. The first limitation that requires understanding is that the data on the web has necessarily to be in a preformatted tabular format, to be correctly retrieved and displayed in Excel. This Office Article explains that, so I won’t go in depth into that.

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